Monday, January 2, 2017

"Everyone's Favorite" Series

From the "Everyone's Favorite" series of music books, these are the accordion collections.

#26 - Accordion Pieces
#39 - Selected Accordion Pieces
#46 - Elementary Accordion Pieces
#64 - Easy Accordion Solos/Pieces
#87 - Graded Accordion Pieces
#88 - Waltzes for Accordion
#91 - Marches for Accordion

I have #26 and #46.  I am seeking the others, particularly 87, 39, and 64. If you have or see these books, let me know!

Thursday, December 22, 2016

Marching Band Medical Kit List

A list of medical/aid items that accompanies marching band performances.

Ibuprofen and Tylenol
Cotton Balls
Band-Aids (Assorted Sizes)
Pepto-Bismol Tablets (No Liquid)
Granola Bars
Motion Sickness (Non-Drowsy Dramamine)
Safety Pins
Nail Polish Remover
Athletic Tape
Cough Drops
Alcohol Swabs
Anti-Itch Cream
Glucose Tablets
Latex Gloves
Small Bottles of Hand Sanitizer
Eye Drops
Shout Wipes
Ice Pack
Anti-Bacterial (?)

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Teaching Piano

It took me a long time to realize this. If you're a private music teacher, piano is where the money is. I've been a private music teacher for 28 years. Trombone, of course, has been my primary focus as well as the other brasses (trumpet, horn, euphonium, tuba). I've taught sax and violins, voice and clarinet. Guitar and bass (horizontal and vertical). Yes, yes, bagpipes, too, have been big for me! Oh, and, that accordion thing too... very big. But piano... oh my! Every mother wants her baby to learn piano. When I have a student drop, it is always accompanied by anxiety that a hole has been left in my schedule. When one of my wife's piano students drop, there is a line of 5 students waiting to fill that space! So why haven't I been teaching piano all this time?!? I think, maybe, it was a lack of confidence. My wife is the real deal. She's got piano chops. Me... I'm a keyboardist. I play the instruments like 88 drums. I strum it like a guitar. But reading vertically is tedious for me. I love fake books, lead sheets, and rhythm charts. But put a sheet of intermediate or advanced music in front of me, I slow to a tedious crawl. Michele, of course, dances her fingers right through it on sight. So maybe it was a lack of confidence on my part. But no longer. This semester in my day job music class, I've begun teaching keyboards alongside teaching accordion (approx 300 students, 20 at a time). During this time, I've done a lot of investigating of piano methods, especially at the primer and beginner levels. I've had a great teacher/partner in Michele and file cabinets full of music to consult on demand. So it's too late to make this long story short, but cutting to the end... There came a knock on my front door not so long ago. A mother of four heard from another mother in the neighborhood that we were music teachers and wanted piano lessons for her kids. Michele is booked... BOOKED SOLID, so I took them on. Three piano lessons and a guitar lesson. (Had I really never taught a private piano lesson in 28 years?) So showed up with a few different levels of the method that I chose and had such a DELIGHTFUL time. I absolutely love teaching piano! So much fun! The thing about piano and accordion... it's so easy for beginners to make a good tone, we get right into the fun challenge of making music rather than forming the sound. Piano... who would have thought? I'm adding that to my shingle! OH, AND... thanks to several wonderful friends, I have teaching space in Webster, Alvin, and will have teaching space in Pearland in a month or two (renovations underway).

Friday, October 28, 2016

College Classes in Development

A list of courses I am developing or considering developing.

Technology-Based Music Instruction
Class Accordion (for the non-soloist)
Class Piano
Accordion Orchestra
Musician Health and Wellness
History of Adult Popular Music Before 1970)
??? (Adult popular music since 1970)

Deep Listening (to investigate. See Oliveros)

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Chromatic Harmonica Note Chart

I have begun adding a few diatonic instruments to my teaching repertoire.  This is a helpful C chromatic harmonica note chart that I may use as a model for one of my own.  Like me, the person who created this chart uses an apostrophe to notate draw (breathing in).  For the chromatic, I want to borrow from the trombone tradition and put a carat (or small V) above a note when the slide button is activated.

But for now, this excellent chart that I found at submitted by Richard Rogers. I am unsure if Richard is the author of this.

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Palmer-Hughes Accordion Repertoire

This is part of an ongoing project to document and classify in-print accordion repertoire, particularly at the lower levels.  While there have been MANY Palmer-Hughes publications, I'm focusing primarily on the method books, recital books, and sacred books at this point.  I will evaluate other PH works and collections as time permits (and the become available to me).

Level 1

Method Book 1

Go 'Way
Merrily We Play Along
Horse Sense
The Donkey
Jingle Bells
All Through the Night
Join the Fun
Indian Song
My Bonnie
There's No Place Like Home
Old MacDonald
The Can-Can
Vegetables on Parade

Recital Book 1

O, Dear, What Can the Matter Be?
Cuckoo Waltz
Pop! Goes the Weasel
Beautiful Brown Eyes
The Grey Goose
Aura Lee
A Tisket, A Tasket
I Wish I Were Single Again
Our Boys
The Monkey and the Owl
Waltz (from Poet and Peasant) - Suppe
Barcarolle (from Tales of Hoffman) - J. Offenbach
Shortnin' Bread
Home, Sweet, Home - Bishop

Sacred Book 1

Oh! How I Love Jesus!
Praise the Lord, Ye Heavens Adore Him
Jesus, Lover of My Soul
Take the Name of Jesus With You
Old Time Religion
Jesus Loves Me
God is Love
Sweet Hour of Prayer

Level 2

Method Book 2

Drink to Me Only With Thine Eyes
Camptown Races
The Caissons Go Rolling Along
Come to the Sea (Vieni Sul Mar)
Marine's Hymn
Echo Waltz (adapted) - Franz Behr
Vive L'Amour
She'll Be Comin' 'Round the Mountain
Over The Waves
Golden Slippers - J.A. Bland
Country Gardens
The Merry Widow (waltz) - Franz Lehar
La Donna E Mobile - G. Verdi
County Fair (Varsouviana)
Arabian Enchantment (Scheherazade) - Rimsky-Korsakoff
Arkansas Traveller
Danube Waves - S. Ivanovici

Recital Book 2

Starlight Waltz
Largo (Dvorak)
Ideal March
Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen
My Wild Irish Rose
Invitation to the Dance
Home on the Range
Nelly Bly
The Fortune Teller
Gay Nineties
Patriotic Medley

Sacred Book 2

Church in the Wildwood
Day is Dying in the West
Faith of Our Fathers
God Be With You
Jesus Loves the Little Children
Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam
Just As I Am
Lily of the Valley
My Faith Looks Up to Thee
Sacred Medley
Sweet By and By
What a Friend
When the Saints Go Marching In

Level 3

Method Book 3

William Tell - Rossini
Riding on the Range
Little Brown Jug Polka
Cielito Lindo - C. Fernandez
Oh, Susanna! - S. Foster
Alouette (bass)
Song of the Volga Boatmen
Zacatecas - Codinas
Emperor Waltz - Johann Strauss
Santa Lucia
Mexican Hat Dance (Jarabe Tapatio)

Recital Book 3

Jenny Lind Polka - A. Wallerstein
La Golondrina (The Swallow) - Serpadell
Soldier's Joy
Skater's Waltz - Waldteufel
Waiting for the Robert E. Lee - Muir-Gilbert
Just a Song at Twilight (Love's Old Sweet Song) - J.L. Molloy
Barbara Polka
Gold and Silver - Franz Lehar
Battle Hymn of the Republic - Bishop
Oh Where, Oh Where
American Patrol - F.W. Meacham

Sacred Book 3

Beautiful Isle of Somewhere
Blessed Assurance
Do Lord
Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Heavenly Sunlight
It is Well With My Soul
Jesus Calls Us
Jesus! The Very Thought of Thee
Morning Hymn
Nearer, My God, to Thee
Send the Light
Shall We Gather at the River
Softly and Tenderly
Take Time to Be Holy
Wonderful Words of Life

Level 4

Method Book 4

Second Hungarian Rhapsody - Franz List
A-Hunting We Will Go!
The Star Spangled Banner
Light Cavalry - Suppe
You Tell Me Your Drea - Daniels
Cotton-Eyed Joe
Ciribiribin - A. Pestalozza
Scotland the Brave
The Thunderer - Sousa
Comedians' Dance - G. Kabalevsky
La Cucaracha

Recital Book 4

Bella Bocca Polka
Billboard March
British Grenadiers
Gypsy Dance
Hawaiian War Dance
La Raspa
Melody of Love
P-H Polka
Wedding of the Winds

Level 5

Method Book 5

The Glow Worm - Paul Lincke
Ragtime Cowboy Joe - Muir, Abrahams, Clarke
Blow the Man Down (bass)
Sharpshooters March - G. Metallo
Treasure Waltz (from Gypsy Baron) - Strauss
Clarinet Polka
Two Guitars
Prelude in A Major - F. Chopin
La Spagnola - V. Di Chiara
Roumanian Rhapsody No. 1 - G. Enesco

Recital Book 5

Popcorn Polka
Grand Old Medley
Serenade for Strings
Spinning Song
National Emblem
Mystery Theme
Ballet Music from "Faust"

Level 6

Method Book 6

Repasz Band - H.J. Lincoln
Degoza - Nazareth
Drink! Drink!
Parade of the Tin Soldiers - Jessel
Silver Skates (adapt. fr Louin du Bal)
Our Director - E. Bigelow
Waltz Theme - A. Durand
Hungarian Dance No. 1 - Johannes Brahms
El Relicario - J. Padilla

Level 7

Method Book 7

Semper Fidelis - John Philip Sousa
Charlie the Boxer - Stanley Karankowski
Come Back to Sorrento (Torna a Surriento) - E. De Curtis
La Cumparsita - C.M. Rodriguez
Turkish Rondo - Mozart
Hungarian Dance No. 5 - Johannes Brahms
Entry of the Gladiators - J. Fucik
Roses from the South - Johann Strauss

Level 8

Method Book 8

Espana - Waldteufel
Funiculi Funicula - L. Denza
Toccata in D Minor - J. S. Bach
Washington Post - John Philip Sousa
Laughing Polka
Medley of Strauss Waltzes
Saber Dance - Khachaturian
Dark Eyes

Level 9

Method Book 9

Russian Sailors' Dance - R. Gliere
Juarez (based on Jaleo de Jerez)
Neapolitan Song (Swan Lake Ballet) - Tschaikowsky
Canzone Amorosa (from A Day in Venice) - Ethelbert Nevin
Stars and Stripes Forever - Sousa
La Cinquantaine (Golden Wedding) - Gabriel, Marie
El Choclo
Czardas - V. Monti

Level 10

Method Book 10

La Virgen de la Macarenas
March of the Toys (fr Babes in Toyland) - Victor Herbert
Waltz in Db Major (Minute Waltz) - Frederic Chopin
Hungarian Dance No. 6 - Johannes Brahms
One Fine Day (Un Bel Di, Vedremo from Madame Butterfly)
Flight of the Bumblebee - Rimsky-Korsakov
The Young Prince and the Young Princess (Scheherazade) - Rimsky-Korsakov
Variations on a Ukrainian Theme (Schone Minka)